The year was 2013. While words like "twerk" and "selfie" were introduced into common vernacular and added to the dictionary, Kyle Park dropped an impressive George Strait tribute on us.

Of course we all remember "Fit for the King," which featured over 30 King George song titles inside one Kyle Park song. It was inspired.

It’s impossible to pick my favorite George Strait song, or even my top 10, but here’s one of them. What is your favorite George Strait song?

Kyle Park is obviously a big Strait fan, along with most all of us, and this week he shared a George cover with us. Check out this acoustic version of him singing "You Know Me Better Than That" up top.

The former No. 1 single was written by Anna Lisa Graham and Tony Haselden, and was the second single from George Strait's Chill of an Early Fall album

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