@randallkingmusicWrote this one recently, what y’all think? #unreleased #acoustic #country #newmusic #countryboy #songwriter #TikTonk #randallking #countrymusic♬ original sound - Randall King

Damn Randall's over there dropping new country bangers on social media and I'm still not signed up for it yet. If this is what is happening over on TikTok, guess it's time to get me a TikTok. Last night, Randall King graciously shared to Twitter a new song that he originally debuted on TikTok.

Randall King, who will be playing our Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival on May 1st with Parker McCollum, Josh Abbott Band, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, and Chris Colston, has this thing where he can only sing purebred honky tonk heaters. I'm serious, everything he does is gold, hardcore solid country gold.

Wrote this one recently, what y’all think? #unreleased #acoustic #country #newmusic #countryboy #songwriter #TikTonk #randallking #countrymusic

By now, you should know Randall King, he made his Radio Texas, LIVE! debut nearly five years ago and has since become a mainstay on our playlist, and on stages across Texas and beyond. But just in case...

In December '20, Randall King released his deeply personal EP, Leanna. The project was named to honor his sister who passed away early in 2020, and she along with his father inspired his latest single “Around Forever.” The EP is outstanding every song on  it belongs on 1994 country radio sandwiched between Alan Jackson and Clint Black.

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Last summer the country crooner opened that cross-country show for Garth Brooks at drive-in theaters throughout the U.S. That one that set the record for the largest outdoor live musical event in US history, with over 350,000 people in attendance, from sea to shining sea.


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