Mike and the Moonpies can't stop, won't stop. The guys are set to release their seventh full-length album Touch Of You – The Lost Songs of Gary Stewart on Thursday, May 28, Stewart’s birthday.

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Like their last surprise album (2019's Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold), this project was produced by Adam Odor. But this one wasn't recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London with backing from the London Symphony Orchestra. This piece or country music art features ten unreleased songs written or co-written by country music legend Gary Stewart throughout the late 1970s and 1980s.

“The music of Gary Stewart has been the driving influence of our band from the first notes we played together,” says Harmeier.  “Hearing demos of songs spanning Gary’s entire career was a treat in itself, but getting Shannon Stewart and Tommy Schwartz’s  blessing to put our Moonpies twist on these songs is an honor and privilege we’re extremely proud to finally share with everyone.”

Special guests on the album include Mark Wystrach from Midland, Jamie Lin Wilson, Courtney Patton, Zac Wilkerson, and Dave Percefull on piano on “Heart A Home”. Want a taste? Give “Bottom Of The Pile” a listen:

'Touch Of You – The Lost Songs of Gary Stewart’ Track Listing

Bottom of the Pile
Smooth Shot of Whiskey (feat. Mark Wystrach)
Touch of You
Life’s A Game
Dance With Barbara
The Gold Barstool
That’s Life
The Finished Product
I’m Guilty
Heart A Home

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