Last year was a good one at Radio Texas, LIVE! And as cliche as it is, it's just as true -- it's cause of you, or listeners and readers. In May, we created an unprecedented online presence with the launch of A site that not only serves as the premiere place to stay up to date in the scene, it's also where you can hear non-stop Texas and Red Dirt Music.

In September we celebrated a full year in syndication. That same month we welcomed Amarillo to the family, bringing the RTX brand to 13 markets strong, and growing.

Things were going so well, in October our first online contributor, Natalie Rhea came on board and she jumped right in. And courtesy of all the sweet hats she wears: photographer, videographer, and lover of music -- she's freely offered up to all of us a unique perspective behind the Texas and Red Dirt scene.

Which takes us to this, our 10 Most Viewed Stories of 2013 at If you'd like to take the complete trip down memory lane, just click the title to read the full, original stories.

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    Aaron Watson’s ‘July in Cheyenne’ Lyric Video

    Aaron Watson’s latest single “July in Cheyenne,” is a poignant tribute to champion bull rider Lane Frost — “the song,” says Watson “was written for Lane’s mama.”

    When The Honky Tonk Kid stopped by in August, before the song had been released, he explained to us that it was inspired by something Lane’s mother had said to him, check it out.

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    Why Am I Only Now Hearing This Band?!

    How I haven’t heard them before, I don’t know. But Shane Smith and the Saints are possibly my new favorite band on the TX scene. They are the perfect combination of The Wheeler Brothers and Flogging Molly. For those of you who don’t know those bands either, think Irish folk meets Indy rock, with a taste of country. Pure awesomeness.

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    Pat Green’s New Restaurant + Music Venue ‘The Rustic’ Opening This Month

    We’ve been hearing about it for over a year, and it finally looks like Pat Green is set to open his brand new bar (with a cool 40+ beers on tap) and live music venue. Green will of course be the first to play “The Rustic,” with opening night set for Thursday Oct. 10. Patrons can expect to see both national and local acts playing concert nights, and a full menu every night.

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    Top Five Best Baby Faces in Texas Music

    Earlier this week, in honor of No Shave November, we compiled the Top 5: Best Beards in Texas Music. Today we go the opposite route. Here’s our list of guys who don’t need a beard, men getting it done without hiding behind facial hair — it’s our Top 5: Baby Faces in Texas Music.


  • Chris Vinn

    A George Strait Song: Kyle Park’s ‘Fit for the King’ Official Radio Debut

    We’ll likely never be able to gauge the influence of George Strait on Country Music over the past 30 years. But in one song Kyle Park has given us perhaps a reference point, and clearly shown the affect King George has had on him. And the new tune ships to radio very soon.


  • Discovery

    How to Avoid Bed Bugs

    One particular member of a band, who will remain anonymous to spare humiliation, has had a case of the bed bugs on the road. Five times – twice on the face. Can you imagine? The amount of travel and fan interaction that musicians endure increases the likelihood of the same thing happening to them — and possibly you too.

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    Will Hoge’s ‘Strong’ Featured in the New Chevy Silverado Ad Campaign

    You know Hoge, he wrote Eli Young Band’s 2012 No.1 smash “Even if it Breaks Your Heart.” This year he wrote and sang a No.1 single here in Texas, the most ironic song of 2013,  “Another Song Nobody Will Hear.”

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    Top Five Best Beards in Texas Music

    In honor of ‘No Shave November,’ I thought I would highlight a few artists on our beloved Texas Music scene that do a great job at this year round. It ain’t easy… or so I’ve heard. Let’s show some love to those fellers that do it right.


  • NatalieRhea

    The Top Five Most Underrated Artist in Texas Music

    There are many underrated artists out there ‘doing it well,’ especially here in the Texas Music Scene. Let’s take a look at five artists and bands not quite getting the attention they deserve.


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