In honor of 'No Shave November,' I thought I would highlight a few artists on our beloved Texas Music scene that do a great job at this year round. It ain't easy… or so I've heard. Let's show some love to those fellers that do it right. See our Top 5: Best Baby Faces in Texas Music here.

5. Cody Braun (of Reckless Kelly)


Not only does he play about every instrument we've ever heard of, the multitasking Braun also sports great facial hair.

I'm sure you can pick out of this crowd which rascal is Mr. Tate. Pretty nice beard, eh?

3. Kevin Galloway (of Uncle Lucius)


C'mon. With a last name like Galloway, it's no wonder Kevin has one of the best beards, ever. It just comes so naturally for him.

2. Brandon Jenkins 

Well you know, I just can't remember Jenkins without a beard. So, there's that...

1. Phil Hamilton


Phil has the cleanest, well-kept beard I've ever seen. It's no wonder with those magical hair tips he has - check out his secret to healthy hair here!

Who doesn't make it?

I think Clayton fears the beard, because he's not quite up there with these other boys. But let's give him some recognition for keeping it classy with his scruff.