He fronted one of Texas' best kept secrets for nearly a decade, now Kevin Galloway, formerly of Uncle Lucius, has released a new single off a brand new solo album. After a decade fronting UL, Galloway is still regarded as one of Texas' purest and most soulful voices.

Uncle Lucius relentlessly toured Texas, to both coasts and back throughout their career. They played their final show together in March of 2018. Four years ago, longtime front man and co-founder, Kevin Galloway released his debut solo album, The Change, on August 3, 2018.

My overall outlook is less self-centered now. I’ve quite enjoyed the transition to solo work. I had gotten burned out by album cycles and the ever-spinning wheel. Now, not pushing myself constantly to keep the machine running has led to more freedom and happiness for me. And there are other advantages to solo decision-making, as opposed to an all out democracy. I’ve grown more confident in my abilities, and more mature in my handling of the ups and downs. I can’t really tell if my approach to the music has really changed. But I realized long ago that I’m at my best when I pay attention to inspiration and feeling, and just let everything unfold on its own.

Galloway's latest solo effort, "Not That Far Removed” is included on his brand new project that was just released last week is titled Secondhand Starlight. Give the lead single a listen:

During their illustrious run, Uncle Lucius gave us so many great songs including "Keep the Wolves Away," "Liquor Store," "Pocket Full of Misery," and "Ain't it The Same."

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