Before they broke up, anytime the guys of Uncle Lucius stepped on to a stage they commanded everyone's attention. And perhaps none of their songs commanded more attention than "Keep the Wolves Away," off their 2012 album, And You Are Me.

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For over a decade they were one of Austin’s elite bands, a band that made Austin "The Live Music Capital of The World," and so special. The guys were known across The Lone Star State and beyond for an amazing live experience, and such hits as “Everybody Got Soul,” “Pocket Full of Misery” and “Liquor Store.”

For over ten years Uncle Lucius relentlessly toured Texas, to both coasts and back. In 2014 the guys took home Best New Band at the Texas Regional Radio Report. This week they land your RTX Sunday Video with "Keep the Wolves Away."

Two years ago, longtime front man and co-founder of Uncle Lucius, Kevin Galloway released his solo debut album, The Change, on August 3, 2018. After a decade fronting UL, Galloway is regarded as one of Texas' purest and most soulful voices.

His debut solo effort, as expected, was a superbly crafted collection of distinctive Gulf Coast country soul that showcases the Southern-raised baritone at his best and most personal.

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