The song is nine years old, but ones like this are never truly old. They are timeless. During their illustrious run, Uncle Lucius gave us so many great songs: "Liqour Store," "Pocket Full of Misery," and "Ain't it The Same" to name just three.

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Without a doubt, thought, their biggest hit is and forever will be "Keep The Wolves Away." Nine years after it's release the song is obviously still resonating well with folks, as three years AFTER the band's final show together the song has been Certified Gold by the RIAA, a crowning jewel for a longtime favorite band in the Texas scene.

When Kevin and the guys debuted "Keep the Wolves Away" live on Radio Texas, LIVE! one fateful night in 2012, we knew that it would be the song that would finally send Uncle Lucius to the ears of the masses.

The song tells the story of lead singer Kevin Galloway's dad, who was severely injured in a work accident and his fight to stay alive and keep the family together. Galloway documents his family's move from South Texas to East Texas, where he eventually started a band of his own.

Uncle Lucius relentlessly toured Texas, to both coasts and back throughout their career. They played their final show together in March of 2018. Three years ago, longtime front man and co-founder, Kevin Galloway released his solo debut album, The Change, on August 3, 2018. After a decade fronting UL, Galloway is still regarded as one of Texas' purest and most soulful voices.

Thank you Saving Country Music via Galleywinter for the news.

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