Bri Bagwell's new album, In My Defense, is a collection of ten carefully crafted songs that give fans an inside peek of how this girl chasing a dream for over fifteen years, has blossomed into the woman living those dreams.

"I am so proud of the record we have created, no matter how cliche that sounds. I have put everything I have, and every dollar to my name creating this record for myself and my fans. I truly believe it is the best record I have ever released, and the pressure I felt to create something great pushed me to the max. I embraced it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” With songs like “Cheat on Me,” (a co write with Courtney Patton), “Graffiti,” “Ring a Bell” (co write with Jody Booth), and “I Can’t Be Lonely,” each song takes on a autobiographical life of its own, but comes together in a cohesive image of the woman that sings them. “Rachel and I spent countless hours, concentrating and obsessing over every lyric, every melody… we tore apart and reconstructed anything necessary to make sure everything was exactly what the song truly needed. I think you can feel the work we put in when you listen to it.”

1. Asphalt And Concrete
2. If You Were A Cowboy
3. As Soon As You
4. Cheat On Me
5. I Can’t Be Lonely
6. Graffiti
7. Feel Like Home
8. Ring A Bell
9. No Time To Say Goodbye
10. Empty Chairs

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