Though not from Texas, Jerry Jeff Walker might as well be. Walker helped to shape the Texas country music sound more than most in the1970s. His best-known song was 1968’s “Mr. Bojangles,” and he was immortalized just five years later with his live album Viva Terlingua!, recorded in Luckenbach, TX

From the Austin Statesman:

It’s About Time includes several original tunes he’s been playing in concert for a while. Perhaps the best is called “I Always Thought I Was Going to Live in California,” which retells how he landed in Austin in the 1960s while heading west after leaving his upstate New York hometown... But It’s About Time also gathers tunes by others that he’s known and loved for decades. “South Coast,” with its moving “the lion still rules the barranca” chorus, was written in the 1950s by Lillian Bos Ross, Rich Dehr and Sam Eskin before being immortalized first by the Kingston Trio and then Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

And he taps into Paul Siebel, best known for writing the folk classic “Louise,” with a slightly updated take on “The Ballad of Honest Sam.” That’s the one song on “It’s About Time” where Walker does get semi-political. “It really fits the Trump era,” he says, reeling off a couple of lines from the song about a character who “made his money shadily.”

The album, It's About Time, is available through Walker’s website.

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