One of the biggest legends in the United States is of a giant bear/gorilla/hairy caveman like creature that lives by itself in uninhabited woods called Bigfoot. Many claim to have seen this creature. Others show proof of their encounter with grainy or blurry footage taken with a high definition camera. The legend has gotten so big for Okies that their state legislature has introduced a pretty big reward for capturing the elusive creature.

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Oklahoma State Representative, Justin Humphrey, has announced a $3 million bounty for the capture of Bigfoot. The creature must be alive and unharmed to qualify for the reward. This is not the first time Humphrey has put Bigfoot before the state's lawmakers. In January of this year, he introduced HB 1648 that would have created a Bigfoot hunting season and generated some money for the state with a license and other fees.

Apparently, a TV show will be taped in the state as a group looks for Bigfoot. The series is slated to air in January of next year.

Something I didn't know, there is a huge Bigfoot festival in Honobia, Oklahoma every year. This year's festival is October 1 and 2. It is your typical festival with lots of activities, live music, vendors, kids stuff and a conference. The conference features several speakers who are well versed in Bigfoot lore or look for the creature. If you want to attend, get all the details at

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, it might be kinda fun to get some of your buddies together, think up some inventive traps and head to Oklahoma to try to catch the hairy beast.

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