As fans eagerly await Pat Green's first album of original songs in nearly six years, the PG PR train is pulling out of the station full-speed ahead. Green sat down with Rolling Stone Country to answer questions and offer insights about Selling Out, Moving Forward and Going "Home," the name of his upcoming album.

From Rolling Stone Country:

I think it's funny that people thought I sold out," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "I'm like, 'Nothing changed; I just got paid more.' Certainly, there are times when you're on a BNA or RCA [label] when they're like, 'We've gotta polish this up for radio.' That's the way it goes. But I think everything else sounded like what I would do, anyway.

"With [Home singles] 'While I Was Away' and 'Girls From Texas,' we weren't going out there gearing for mainstream country radio at all," he continues. "We were going straight at Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana — taking that core audience that is mine and really giving them something for them."

Green's time in the mainstream. "I was blind to the game, I sang the wrong songs and disappeared for way too long," goes the refrain, "but I've finally found my way home."

"I really just wanted to make a statement to our hometown fans — the ones that were with me forever — and say, 'I recognize that what I did, I did on purpose,'" Green explains. "And it might have distanced me a bit, going out on tour with Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews. I don't regret that, but at the same time, I can understand why there are people out there that aren't the keenest on it.

"Maybe I did sing the wrong song — I'm not above saying I'm not sure — but I did the best I could," he continues. "I love the description in 'Home' of the bravado that was me and the band when we first hit. I mean, we were like, 'Fine, you say what you want to; we'll see you. . .never.' But then you slow down a little bit, you get tempered by age, children, wives, success and failure, and then maybe I sang the wrong songs. I don't know. We all look back and go, 'Man, if I had done that a little different,' but you can really get in trouble doing that. You can waste a lot of years looking back.

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