He is one of Texas Music’s most talented and diligent workers, and Zane Williams is one of Texas premiere singer/songwriters and performers.

Hey music fans, felt like sharing a new one today. It’s called “Okie Soldier”.

For over a decade Zane Williams has been one of Texas premiere singer/songwriters and performers. He’s penned hit songs for the likes of Pat Green and Cody Johnson, and, sure, of course himself.

A few years ago Zane pieced together a new band. Joining up with Zane are Paul Eason, Lyndon Hughes, Sean Rodriguez, and Andy Rogers. Together the guys have made some beautiful country music. And I've gotta feeling you'll dig the harmonies and banjo, both prominent throughout their music.

So what about that name change?

The guys from Wilder Blue were my guests on Radio Texas, LIVE! and I asked Zane about the name change, "It was my fault, I take full responsibility. When I went researching that name I was trying to save a penny and when I went researching I did it myself and I missed that someone else had the national trademark already." After that the band was on the hunt for a new name.

Their debut album, 2020s Hill Country, was top-notch, even catching the ear of one of today's biggest country act's, Luke Combs. The mega-star took to Twitter to praise the project, "I just can't stop listening to this album. It strikes every chord that I want it to. The melody. The harmonies. The instrumentations, Grade-A." High praise from Combs.

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