On Monday (April 17) an APB was announced for Pat Green's missing pug, "Ugg," Well we've got good news to pass on today. Ugg the Pug has been FOUND!

Thanks to all the amazing and wonderful people from around Jarrell and Georgetown Texas. I am happy to report that UGG the pug has been found alive and well today! Feels like Christmas morning all over again. I know that sounds cheesy-but all you dads out there who have seen your daughters face light up .. well .. it’s unforgettable. I swear I’m gonna put a collar on the dog that some camera can pick up from space… hallelujah
While driving around those streets for the last two days I got to meet several of the folks around Jarrell and now have a better understanding of what kindness to a stranger feels like when you’re on the receiving end… my hat is in my hand… many many thanks.. Pat Green..

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