This last week, it was announced that Gov.-elect Greg Abbot would no longer be needing the services of Casey Monahan, director of the Texas Music Office, who has held the office since it's inception 25 years ago.

“This is a serious blow for Texas music,” South by Southwest managing director Roland Swenson said in a statement. “Casey has helped countless Texas musicians and music companies from around the world to bring business to Texas. He’s helped SXSW navigate the waters of Texas state government for decades.” - Austin American Statesmen


Monahan is one of the silent heroes that helped pioneer the music scene as we know it today. He helped introduce a Grammy chapter to Texas, expanded the sales tax exemption to recording, promoted Texas music at major music conventions throughout the world and created an extensive directory of music-related businesses in the state of Texas, among many other accomplishments.

The business side of the music industry can be a rough place, but people like Monahan help keep the seams from ripping. Musicians and producers across the state are currently petitioning the removal of Monahan and calling for a reinstatement.

Click here to join the petition and reinstate a crucial department head to the Texas Music Office.

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