If you have been keeping up with the saga of Mike Ryan's stolen equipment over the past three weeks, you'll be happy to read a little good news on this terrible situation. Here is an update from Mike himself, via his Facebook page:

So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy, to say the least. It's been difficult to keep it together and stay positive at times, but we get by with a little help from our friends. Especially our new friends at FWFD and HCPD who have been working overtime to find the bad guys and get our stuff back. I'm happy to report their diligent police work is starting to pay off.
After receiving an anonymous tip, investigators were lead to a house where they recovered some of our gear. Among the items recovered was my #1. She is coming home.
Of all the things that were taken, the most dear to me was my electric guitar. It was the first nice guitar I ever bought. It's been my #1 and I've played it at every show since I put my first band together so I am absolutely pumped to have her back.
We are still missing a lot but that'll certainly make things more comfortable. We would all like to give special thanks to Investigator May(FWFD) and Detective Simmons(HCPD) for working so hard and taking time away from their families to help put ours back together. To everyone else who has helped, we are eternally grateful. Y'all kept us going and it was very inspiring to see how many people have our backs.
I hope to see you all at a show soon. I'm looking forward to the handshakes and hugs.