Radney Foster has announce a CD/book combo, For You To See The Stars, set for release September 15. The short stories will be Foster’s first foray into print publication. Meanwhile, the record will be his eleventh studio album.

According to the press release, "the beauty of this CD/book combo lives within Foster’s extensive imagery, which not only further expands the meaning behind Foster’s songs, but gives the reader a look at the thought process behind his songwriting. “For me, the goal of writing is always to touch that one person so much that they wonder how I got a peek into their living room–how I understood exactly what they felt. More than just rhyming or having a pretty melody, I try to express a part of the human condition that can make someone want to laugh, cry, make love, or all of the above.”

Pre-order the album and book here. For more information on this release, you can click here.

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