Earlier this month Randall King released a new EP, Leanna. The project was named to honor his sister who passed away earlier this year. On Friday (December 18th), he released the new music video for perhaps the most intimate song on the deeply personal project, “Around Forever” was inspired by his father and sister.

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"Around Forever” is the reality of the weight and cost of time. It’s a reflection into my past as well as my future. When I wrote the last chorus, it was intended to be based on my father only, but l I changed it to be more about all of your loved ones and making sure you take the time to see them before they’re gone. I didn’t realize at the time that meant my sister. It was a heavy reality when I went back and played this song for the first time shortly after her passing. She was everything to me, and I know I’ll never be the same without her. So heed the songs warning, and make sure you take that time you’re given with your loved ones.

In June the country crooner opened that cross-country show for Garth Brooks at drive-in theaters throughout the US. You know which one I'm talking about, right? Yeah, that one that set a record for the largest outdoor live musical event in US history. Over 350,000 people attended that one.

The Amarillo native was able to pack more country into his new four-song EP than you've likely heard on country radio in all of 2020. He's coming at you hard with more stone cold country gold. If you're a fan of Alan Jackson, Clint Black, and '90s country you are already a fan of King's.

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