If you get on stage for a living it's bound to happen, and probably sooner than later. The hecklers will come, even if you're Randy Rogers.

This year the iconic live music venue, John T. Floore’s Country Store, will bring two titans of Texas Music on stage to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Gearing up for the big show Rogers and Keen sat down to record a few songs and promos.

In what appears to be "behind-the-scenes" footage Rogers tells Keen the story of the first time he was heckled. And apparently the dude who did the heckling in Baltimore, MD, his arm, has greater stamina than the team of dogs from the 1994 cross country dogsled classic, "Iron Will."

People can really be jerks.

Robert Earl Keen, whose legendary No. 2 Live Dinner was recorded there, and the Randy Rogers Band who have graced the stage several times in their storied career, will join forces for TWO very special nights. We didn’t even mention the celebrated singer/songwriter Bruce Robison will be kicking off the night. Get your tickets now.

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