This week two of Texas finest and one of mainstream's hottest have joined forces. Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen and Kip Moore have been making their way across the country on their "Tall Tales and the Truth" Tour.

In a similar vein to Rogers and Bowen's Hold My Beer and Watch This Shows, the singer/songwriters/storytellers will take the stage together each night.

“I feel like if you’re truly a singer-songwriter, and the three of us all are, this is what you live for. You live for breaking the song down to where there’s no glitz and glamour,” Moore tells the Washington Post. “I enjoy the full-band thing, but there’s nothing more fun to me than a quiet theater and playing singer-songwriter material.”

Tall Tales and the Truth Tour

The trio have already played Denver, CO., and Lincoln, NE. They have two shows left;
Dec. 13: Washington, D.C., and Dec. 14: New York City.

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