Do you remember where you were when Cody Johnson's (then) new album, Gotta Be Me, was released? The album soared up the Billboard’s Country Albums chart landing directly behind Blake Shelton's four month old album, If I'm Honest, which had been marked down to a paltry .99 cents.

I think we all recall where we were the day we heard that Cody Johnson had sold over 23,000 full-priced albums release week (as a then-independent artist, with no backing of a major label) and he landed at No. 2; because the biggest country / television star this decade decided to sell his album for under a buck.

Congrats to Blake Shelton on the success of his new record. Proud to be #2 to a guy like him. Be sure to go to google play where you can buy his ENTIRE record for 99 cents.

Now, we fully realize that Blake nor his team did do this to slight Johnson, but c'mon, we still take issue with an album selling at such an incredible markdown being compared to an album selling at full price. And you know Johnson certainly took notice. Remember how he responded? Perfectly.

Check out his Facebook post below congratulating Shelton on the No. 1 album nearly three years ago. Handled in true cowboy fashion, and like a gentleman.

Cody Johnson Faebook
Cody Johnson Faebook

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