In snow, dessert and city streets; Bart Crow's "Dear Music" video was filmed at 30 different locations across the US. The song made Our Top 21 Most Favorite Texas & Red Dirt Singles of 2016, and two years ago this month the video made its world debuted.

Thirty different locations means roughly 16 seconds of each stop made the cut over the course of the four minute song. So, why all the stops? Crow told Rolling Stone Country soon after its release:

Music is so universal and can cross many boundaries if you're open to allow it and I certainly feel that's reflected in 'Dear Music,'" explains Crow. "That being said I wanted the video to reflect that same border jumping so we flew to 25-30 locations across the United States to film a simple concept in multiple locations to reflect music's love and diversity for all things, places, styles, etc. I believe we accomplished what we set out to do.

"Dear Music," can be found on Crow's album The Parade.

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