Over a decade since it was released and Bart Crow's "Wear My Ring" still gets fans riled up at shows, well when there were still live shows. It's one of the Texas scene's signature songs and is a true anthem in the Lone Star State.

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Crow's 2012 album, Dandelion, spawned four No. 1 singles on Texas radio, including that amazing duet with Macy Malloy, "If I Go, I'm Goin'," remember that one?

In June 2019, after laying low for a bit, Bart Crow was ready to make sure everyone knew that he wasn't finished yet, releasing a new EP aptly titled I'm Not Finished. The project featured three new songs, a cover of "You've Got a Friend in Me," and a long-awaited update of "Wear My Ring."

All of this was supposed to set the stage for a big 2020, but yeah, COVID happened. With the plan for his new EP to be released last spring scrapped, after deciding against trying to promote a new record during a pandemic, everything just kinda go put on hold at the Crow camp, you know, like the rest of the world.

Well, now that things have settled down, as we learn more about COVID, Bart is ready to release his new EP, Pretty Good Heart, later this month. Tune into Radio Texas, LIVE! this Saturday (October 10th) we'll debut his brand new single "Boots," with the new EP to follow on Friday, October 30th. Give the new lyric video a watch up top.

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