It was nearly three years ago – October 17, 2019, a day now forever etched into the annals Texas Music history – that William Clark Green, Josh Abbott, Cleto Cordero (Flatland Cavalry), and John Baumann announced "The Panhandlers."

All four men are successful products of the thriving Lubbock music scene, and all had been known to collaborate with each other, even attending songwriter retreats together before officially joining forces. Their story continues this Friday.

But this isn't exactly breaking news for our listeners, it was back in February that William Clark Green was our guest on Radio Texas, LIVE! and he broke the news that the band had already recorded an entire new album, Friday we finally get our first taste of it.

Thanks to COVID we didn't see as much from this all-star group out of the gate as they envisioned. Rolling out their self-titled debut album, produced by Bruce Robison, on March 6th during the 2020 lockdown, is the biggest culprit for that. The lead single was “No Handle” and it wound up being the only release from the album, also thanks to the pandemic.

In December '21, like Whiskey Myers, Shane Smith and the Saints, and others before them, The Panhandlers found a ton of new fans thanks to the hit television series "Yellowstone."

But after "West Texas in My Eye," a Charlie Stout penned song, was included on an episode, The Panhandlers found a ton of new fans, once again reminding everyone that all most of these bands in the Texas scene need is a large enough stage. The people, they come. That week, about 18-months after its release, their self-titled album reached No. 5 on the iTunes Top 100 Country Albums.

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