I was still in the Army when Chris LeDoux died. I remember it clearly, as I had just arrived at my new duty station, "The Great Place," Fort Hood, TX. I read of his passing online and thought surely it must be a hoax.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

After a long battle with a rare form of liver cancer, LeDoux passed away on March 9, 2005.

Today marks 11 years since we said goodbye to the country singer, rodeo champion and man Garth Brooks patterned his high-energy, hugely popular, over-the-top live shows after. LeDoux would be 66 years old today.

During his long, largely “underground” career, LeDoux recorded 36 albums. Collectively they’ve sold more than 6 million units in the United States. He was awarded one gold album certification from the RIAA, and was nominated for a Grammy Award and the Academy of Country Music Music Pioneer Award.


"Chris was a quiet, unassuming man. Actually a little shy at times, which seems to be a trait of all true cowboys, but...

Posted by Chris LeDoux on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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