Musicians have some stellar patience, not to mention high tolerance for stupidity. Don't get me wrong, they love their fans -- but we all know some take it to a whole different level. Example: stealing Willie Nelson's Armadillo mascot. Seriously? Here are a few road rules for all the Texas Music super fans out there:

5. Don't be snotty. If you don't like their music, don't listen to it. There is plenty of music I think should be obliterated, but that's just my opinion. Store your energy for supporting the artists you love.

4. Bands love to hear fans tell them how a certain song has affected them, or how awesome their album is. Be sincere, and they'll listen. Don't act like a school girl.

3. Musicians have a lot of fans to cater to after the show, not just you. Don't linger at the merch table. It's creepy. Mad props to the artists that keep their cool.

2. If a musician does not have a ring on their finger, that does not automatically mean they are single. Or, if they do have a ring, do not encourage lewd behavior. Stay classy.

1. I understand they live in the spotlight, but c'mon guys. They are people too. You don't need to worship the ground they walk on. Give them space so they may have some semblance of a private life.