Noted hard-worker BJ Barham is just doing what he's always done, pandemic or not, working. The American Aquarium front man released his new album Lamentations early on during the lockdown, back in May.

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The album debut was the biggest in AA's 15-years. Produced by Shooter Jennings, Barham's latest debuted at #1 Top New Artist Album, #1 Americana/Folk Album, #2 Country Album, and #2 Rock Album.

In November '16 your favorite band from North Carolina released their second live album, this one recorded at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA. The aptly titled American Aquarium Live at Terminal West, the lead single off the project was a cover of Willis Alan Ramsey’s “Northeast Texas Women.”

This is a song about turning 30-years-old, realizing all your friends have jobs and kids and houses. You're still traveling around the country in a 15-passenger van playing your songs for folks and coming to the realization that that ain't a bad way to live. - BJ Barham

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