I've never felt the urge to declare anything "great." Not food, movies or music. Folks doing that has never sat well with me. I mean, I suppose if they are a legitimate expert in their field, that'd be cool. But most aren't -- and I am definitely not, in any field. I'm the guy it takes stumbling across something (like three or four or ten different times), completely by accident before I realize how good it is. That was the case for me and Sons of Fathers.

Is it possible for music to sound like the past and future? Yup, because that's exactly what Sons of Fathers sounds like. I am listening to them right now, it's like a futuristic trip down memory lane, that ends before you're ready for it to be over. Their sound is so familiar, yet new?

And although they look more for inspiration from guys like Robert Earl Keen and Bob Dylan, they'd fit in great with current hit radio (CHR) formats. A format that of late has been leaning heavy toward an Americana sound a la bands like Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, Phillip Phillips or Of Monsters and Men.

You won't hear them there, yet.

For now, you'll have to be content hearing Sons of Fathers on Radio Texas, LIVE! and at RadioTexasLive.com.

Do I think they're great? I am not a music expert. Do I like what they are doing? Yeah, I wouldn't have taken the time to write this if I didn't. Watch the video for "Roots and Vine," hope you enjoy it like I do.