I've run into a dilemma recently... some friends who just moved to Texas from New York, are in need of some new music. Naturally, my inclination is to give them a taste of Texas Country, although they aren't big country fans. Or they aren't yet... muahaha.

Putting together a playlist for them made me think hard about the genre. I want to give them a good, versatile mix of music, while being cautious of their natural distaste for "mainstream" country. In no particular order, of course. Let's see how I did:

20. Sons of Fathers "Roots and Vine"

19. The Damn Quails "Fool's Gold"

18. Bart Crow "If I Go I'm Goin"

17. Rob Baird "Dreams and Gasoline"

16. Whiskey Myers "Dogwood"

15. Jason Boland and The Stragglers - "Dark and Dirty Mile"

14. Wade Bowen - "Mood Ring"

13. The Statesboro Revue "Lil Mary's Last Stand"

12. Bri Bagwell - "Crazy"

11. Dirty River Boys - "Raise Some Hell"

10. Walt Wilkins "Paint the Town Beige"

9. William Clark Green - "She Likes The Beatles"

8. Sam Riggs - "Hold On And Let Go"

7. Stoney Larue "Travelin' Kind"

6. Uncle Lucius - "Pocket Full of Misery"

5. The Trishas "Mother of Invention"

4. Randy Rogers Band "Steal You Away"

3. Reckless Kelly "Wicked Twisted Road"

2. Cody Johnson Band "Me And My Kind"

1. Turnpike Troubadours "Gin, Smoke, Lies"

Who else would you add?

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