The latest single from Sam Riggs, "Second Hand Smoke," is a love song. But not like that. This song is about quitting love. It's a battle song that confronts withdrawals that come with being addicted to another person, who is gone.

And now the new music video, from producer Natalie Rhea, throws a giant wrench in the story we had in our heads of Riggs' newest single. The video adds depth to the pain; then incorporates an entirely new level of suffering.

We tend to imagine one of the two people in a relationship end it. But what if neither do?

What if neither did anything wrong? What if both people are still in love? What happens when two lovers are certain their love will never end, and then it does?

The new video for Second Hand Smoke is out now. It takes a direction the viewer might not expect: It's a story about love, passion, heartache, and closure

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