By the time it is all said and done early Sunday morning Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival will have welcomed an estimated 50,000 people through the gates over it's six days. Live music will have been played on three stages from over 50 bands. Thousands of cold beers (hundreds of warm to hot ones) will have been drunk -- and one guitar will have been set afire at the Melody Mountain Ranch in Stephenville, TX.

Yes, that's right one guitar will have been burned down.

To close out his Wednesday night set at LJT this year Sam Riggs went out with flare, or should we say in flames. After he was done with it, he doused his guitar in what we assume is lighter fluid, he pulled out a lighter, and while beating the hell out of his chest with one hand, he held the flame-engulfed guitar above his head in the other like the Statue of Liberty - before smashing it, and eventually kicking the extinguished guitar off the stage.

Things got intense.

Shout out to Andrew James Chapman for the video he posted on Twitter

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