Will Hoge has truly outdone himself with his latest record release, "Small Town Dreams." I've been told an album should read like a book."Small Town Dreams" is truly a storybook, full of short stories about life in the Middle of America, which both literally and figuratively sit at the core of this record.

Largely based on his own childhood, Hoge incorporates both the growth and nostalgia that comes with growing up in the middle of America. For Hoge, that was by way of a small town outside of Nashville called Franklin, which inspired much of the album:

"This town was still very traditional back then," he remembers. "The country scene wouldn't touch my music with a 10-foot pole. In some ways, I just spun in circles for a while, because I was making music that was too rock for country and too country for rock. A smarter artist would have decided to focus on one of those two things. . .but I liked both."- Rolling Stone Country

This album is really going to open some new doors for Hoge, I can feel it. Click here to purchase your copy of "Small Town Dreams" now!

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