It was an early birthday for Koe Wetzel. While he doesn't actually turn 29 until next week, last week was when Wetzel cashed in for his big day. He got a house, a Rolex, an 18-wheeler, and it looks like he and American icon Snoop Dogg will soon be sharing the stage.

All I got for my last birthday was COVID.

If you fast forward to the 8-minute mark, Snoop seems very eager to potentially sharing the stage with Koe, and hell yes, so are we.

Koe Wetzel's third album Sellout is out now, his first release with Columbia Records, was released late last year. His latest effort includes the hits “Good Die Young,” as well as the two tracks he released last summer “Kuntry & Wistern” and “Sundy or Mundy.” Any three of which would sound great with a Snoop remix... Or hear me out, what about a Koe "Gin and Juice" update?

“When I was writing this record I wanted to give people a real view of what I was going through and the things I had experienced at that moment. I honestly feel like Sellout has accomplished that more than any other album I’ve recorded so far. When it came time to name the album, I felt like we needed to give it something that would allow us to create some really fun content to support the release while at the same time highlighting this new relationship with Columbia."

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