The Texas Heritage Songwriters' Association has teamed up with Jack Ingram and The ASCAP Foundation to find the next great songwriter:

"TxSU is an educational program and songwriting competition which serves to identify the best young adult songwriters in Texas, while improving upon the quality and quantity of professional songwriting across our state."


Submissions began September 15th, and on November 1st, they will select the top 8 submissions. These writers will get to participate in a songwriting workshop taught by other artists, such as Jack Ingram, and perform at Saxon Pub with these artists:

“I love this business because I love every piece of making music, so it’s really easy for me to put my heart and energy into giving back to young songwriters,” says Ingram. “Writing songs is therapeutic, especially in the tough times when you’re figuring out who you really are, so I hope that I can offer some perspective to these young artists who are just starting out. We all know that Texas is rich with talent and characters–think about how much fun I get to have helping them tell their story.”

Songwriters born in, or residing in, Texas between the ages of 18 and 30 are invited to upload their two best songs for consideration. Click here for the full scoop on this awesome opportunity!

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