A few years ago Statesboro Revue was a Texas band on the rise. Easily of the state's most groovy bands, brothers Stewart and Garrett Mann were picking up fans, and rapidly growing a fan base with every stop they made, and song they played.

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Then they just kinda disappeared.

Fast forward to this week, and the boys are back with a new song titled "Sinner, Saint, S.O.B." For their return the brothers tapped Texas stalwart Wade Bowen, and rising star Mason Lively.

Statesboro Revue front man Stewart Mann told us via text, "We recorded this late last year and had no intention of putting it out. Once I started seeing the coronavirus affect on live music and my musician friends it just hit me like a ton of bricks what I needed to do. Get it out asap, and give back to those in need. So that’s why proceeds from this song will go directly to people affected by this thing. Praying we get past this quickly!"

Don't worry, I let Statesboro Revue front man Stewart Mann know that he's a real S.O.B. for sitting on this one so long. Enjoy!

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