"Boy From Anderson County" might just be the truest song Kolby Cooper will ever write: In it, the 22-year-old East Texas native tells his and his wife's love story, right down to the Green Day T-shirt she'd wear in high school.

Cooper co-wrote the song — the title track of his first EP with BBR Music Group / Wheelhouse Records in partnership with Combustion Music — with Jordan Walker, another Texas native, formerly of the duo Walker McGuire. The six-song project, all co-written by Cooper, drops on Friday (Aug. 6), but he's given fans an early listen to "Boy From Anderson County."

Below, Cooper shares the story behind the song, in his own words.

I met my wife when we were in third grade. The next year, in fourth grade, we became best friends because she lived across from my grandpa’s lands. We started riding four-wheelers together that year, and I knew right away I wanted to be with her. Then, fast-forward to our senior year in high school: We start dating, and now here we are a few years later, celebrating our third wedding anniversary with two little girls. 

She has helped me to see the world and everybody in it in a new light, and has just showed me how to be a better person overall.

I knew since the last record was more of a sad record about my dad passing away that I wanted this record to be more about where I am in life right now. I'm extremely blessed in every way: I'm married to the girl of my dreams, I've got two perfect little girls, and I get to go play shows for people that want to sing every word. So, I wanted to get that across on this one.

I’ve known Jordan for a couple of years now, so we know each other pretty well, and I told him I wanted to write a song about my wife and how much she means to me. He said, "Perfect, I've got this title I've been saving for you called "Boy From Anderson County,"" so we wrote this song about my wife and I growing up in East Texas together and falling in love.

The first line we had was "Sometimes I look at her, I go back to 17 and her in that Green Day T-shirt." From that point, I already knew this song was going to be special. We wrote the song in about two or three hours, and by the time we were done, I already knew this song was going to be the title track of our next record.

The [details are] all true! She had a Green Day shirt she sometimes wore back when we were in high school, and she definitely steals all of the covers! ... One of my favorite lines is "She had no idea I waited eight years to kiss her" — that's one of the realest lines I've ever wrote. I fell for her in fourth grade, and eight years later, we were dating and I finally got to!

Another one of my favorites is "She's given me a reason to live and a couple of babies.” Everything I do is for my girls, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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