So, yeah this is actually happening. Two of music's biggest self-built acts are set to star in a new Martin Scorsese film. I saw the post on Sturgill's Instagram story earlier today, and honestly I thought it was some sort of Sturgill-joke. But it's not.

Both Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell have been cast in a new Martin Scorsese film. And, guys, this is Scorsese. This is big. Two of Scorsese's favorite leading men, and frankly two of the biggest stars on the planet, Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro will star in the film titled "Killers of the Flower Moon."

From Rolling Stone the film is, "set in the 1920s, the story looks into the brutal killings of several Osage natives who amassed considerable wealth after oil was discovered on their land. White residents of the area were allowed to become custodians of the Osage people’s money, denying them the full extent of their profits. Osage people with claims to the wealth began to die and an early incarnation of the FBI got involved, untangling a large, multi-person conspiracy to steal the profits. This period of violence became known as the Reign of Terror."

Jason Isbell will play the part of Bill Smith, Sturgill Simpson will play infamous rodeo champion and bootlegger Henry Grammer.

No release date has been announced, but it will be an Apple Original Film. We'll be sure to pass that information along as soon as we learn more.

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