You can hear Sunny Sweeney's new single, Bad Girl Phase on Radio Texas, LIVE!, and you can get your hands on her new album in August. Sweeney sat down with Rolling Stone Country and explained how relationships have played a role in her song writing.

"I certainly do not play the victim in any song or any facet of my life," Sweeney tells Rolling Stone Country. "But I have been in situations and have been in relationships where I feel like I'm being provoked, where I'm like, 'Well, that was kind of sh*tty, but at least I do get a song out of it.' I also know that I'm a teeny tiny bit of a sh*t-starter, so to speak. Not in a mean way, but if something needs to be said I'll be the one to say it. It's not always pretty but sometimes things need to be said."

Provoked will be in stores on August 5th, but Rolling Stone Country has your exclusive first listen to "My Bed," featuring Will Hoge, here.