Even though some of these condiments may seem practically indestructible, there are at least 10 condiments that experts say Texans should never eat after their expiration date.

I remember as a kid living in Tyler, Texas, and looking up into our kitchen pantry and seeing a bottle of soy sauce that had been living behind the vegetable oil for years. A couple of years later? That bottle of soy sauce was still there. And I think I used it for my random attempt at making some kind of stir-fry dish.

Although I seemed to be okay after my culinary adventure, I didn't particularly find that soy sauce to be very flavorful, despite believing that soy sauce was basically the vampire of condiments and would never die.

There's a reason it had no flavor. Thank goodness I wasn't trying a recipe that called for mayonnaise.

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The reason why? In my ignorance, I may have used what we still had in the fridge.

We know that mayo-based condiments may pose an actual danger to us, but there are some things that don't even register sometimes--like taco seasoning, for example.

Whatever we may have been told, there are important reasons why food experts say there are at least 10 condiments that we should never use when cooking once they've past their expiration dates. Some of those reasons are more crucial than others, of course. But whatever the case, their advice is worth noting.

An article shared by Delish claims these are 13 of the condiments Texans should never use after they've expired. So YES, sometimes those barely legible expiration dates DO matter.

13 Condiments You Should NEVER Eat After the Expiration Date

Using old condiments, even some of the seemingly stable ones, is a really bad idea. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. 

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