Bleu Edmondson

One Big List
Originally posted February, 2015: This is one of those lists that I love to read, but am way too scared to ever write. It's so objective. What you like I might hate, and vice versa. But, the folks at the Dallas Observer ain't a lil bitch like me...
Bleu Edmondson LIVE at Cowboy’s Nightclub Tonight
Get ready, cause tonight (Oct. 2) Bleu Edmondson will be bringin' his band and "The Echo," "Finger on the Trigger," "$50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown," "Blood Red Lincoln," "Last Last Time," and more hits as he makes his Cowboy's debut. Tickets online here, or at the door tonight...
Free Concert Series
Honda of Abilene presents the KEAN 105 Free Summer Concert Series, kicking off with Jack Ingram on Friday night, June 7th. This concert series is a chance to see some of the hottest country music acts around, live at the Lucky Mule Saloon. And the best part is, you can get into all eight of these concerts free!