Brad Paisley

Mike Ryan Sings Brad Paisley Co-Write
When Mike Ryan stopped by last July he told us the story behind his "Last Time for Everything," the song he co-wrote that was cut by Brad Paisley. This week we got our first listen to Ryan singing the radio smash.
'Blink You'll Miss It'
Ryan's latest album saw three singles rise to No. 1 in Texas, land him New Male Vocalist of the Year by Texas Radio honors, and cement him as a force in the Texas Red Dirt scene.
A Johnny Cash Poem
Last night @rustonkelly + I sang "To June, This Morning" - an actual poem Johnny Cash wrote in 1970 that we put to music. (It'll be on the upcoming 'Forever Words' project that will feature many different amazing artists) ❤️
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Fowler, Paisley, Hag
Well, Kevin Fowler is certainly a man-about-town. Last week Dierks Bentley invited The Redneck Messiah, on stage; where he christened Dierks an honory Texan, before the two performed a stirring rendition of “100% Texan.”
This past weekend, at the HEB Cedar Park Center, it …
Agents of Crush
This is quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. Brad Paisley has successfully created a parody music video featuring his Nashville co-stars as cartoon superheroes... and in less than 5 minutes has said what everyone was thinking.
'Bad Reputation
Mike Ryan stopped by the show a couple months ago, but this topic did not come up. Too bad, would've like to talk about it. His latest project, Bad Reputation, was recorded in Country superstar, Brad Paisley's home studio.
Acoustic Sessions
I started up a little acoustic series, featuring various artists across the music scene. Starting with the one but only Sam Riggs.
Our Top Five
Every once in awhile, songwriters need a bone thrown in their direction. And today, I'm giving one to Sean McConnell. Many of you may recognize McConnell as a great musician, although at times he is overlooked as an excellent songwriter. He's written and co-written many songs with big-name…