Charlie Stout

WCG's Inaugural 'Cotton Fest’
After several years hosting one of the Hub City's most well attended street parties, William Clark Green has moved his festival from the streets of Lubbock to the outskirts of town.
A Brand New Take
They are integral large parts of the thriving Lubbock music scene, and two great artists and friends. If you didn't know William Clark Green and Charlie Stout collaborated on Green's '15 hit "Old Fashioned." It was a co-write.
When Green debuted the song on Radio Texa…
'Corners' Out Now
Town-by-town, and club-by-club Dalton Domino has been burning down Texas with smoldering live shows for several years now. Today the product of the Lubbock music scene released his second album, Corners.
The album kicks off with the futuristic "The River," and then it takes a countr…
The Best of 2016
Digging through our library, it became increasingly tougher to nail down a hard top five or 10 albums you may have forgotten to buy/download/stream in 2016.
Top 21 Singles of '16
It's November! That means for the most part, we've heard all the radio singles that will be released this year -- I mean they'll be a few more, but I'll be on vacation when those come out. Here they are, our Favorite Texas and Red Dirt Singles of '16...
This week (Aug. 31), we will see the finest collection of musicians ever assembled on a Wednesday night in Tyler, TX, as Paul Cauthen returns home, ahead of a national tour supporting GRAMMY winner, Ryan Bingham.
And he's bringing two exceptional artists with him, Cauthen rolls deep...