Network TV Debut
Today the Dirty River Boys posted a rather cryptic message to fans on Facebook. They didn't offer up any details, i.e. which song, what part of the episode (beginning, middle, end), if they'll be being a covered, except "you may hear a little bit of yours truly on tonight's e…
Everyone needs a certain appreciation for the classics – those songs that inspired the Texas and Nashville tunes we hear today. There was a certain honesty in songwriting back in the day that deserves to be recognized and remembered.
The Possum Honored
Nancy Jones, the wife of late country music phenomenon George Jones, has announced the opening of the George Jones Museum in Nashville. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement:
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It's been a wee bit since we heard from Mockingbird Sun, but they have finally released some new music for our inquiring ears:
Ellen + Connie Britton
This last week, Ellen Degeneres hosted Connie Britton of ABC's hit show, Nashville. The two played a game of "Country Song or Country Wrong," where they had to tell the difference between real and fake country song titles.
Enjoy :)
Stellar Performance
In case you missed last week's stellar performance on ABC's Nashville, check out Clare Bowen's 'Every Time I Fall in Love.' By the way - if you haven't started watching this show, you should really jump on board. What gets better than live music and drama wrapped up in …
Lennon and Maisy Bring it on ABC’s ‘Nashville’
I've been playing catch up on ABC's 'Nashville' since it started last month, and man oh man it is good stuff. Have you been keeping up? Dang good drama and even better music. Don't worry, if you miss an episode, check in here each week to see which tunes you missed...
It's Coming 9.25.13
For the record, this is probably the most exciting event happening this month -- The Season 2 premiere of the best musical/drama show on television, Nashville!
I've been counting y'all down to the best performances from Season 1, with this final week landing on Clare Bowen's amazi…
It's Coming 9.25.13
I can hardly contain my excitement -- the premiere is 2 weeks away!!
This week's pick is hit or miss -- some people aren't a fan of Hayden Panettiere singing, but this one is pretty tolerable. 'Undermine' was actually written by Kacey Musgraves, so you can imagine what the songwri…

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