Nancy Jones, the wife of late country music phenomenon George Jones, has announced the opening of the George Jones Museum in Nashville. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement:

"The museum and event center will incorporate a gift shop, restaurant, event space and also a music venue. At 128 and 130 N Second Avenue, the popular tourist destination formerly known as Graham Central Station, will become a four-story, 44,000 square foot immersion in the legend and legacy of George Glenn Jones.


'We are overjoyed to share George’s legacy and memory with the Nashville community,” said Nancy Jones. “We hope that this will draw George’s friends and fans worldwide to our great city. George and I made this our home, and he would be happy to know that we found a home to continue his legacy in the heart of Music City.'


Designs are underway with imminent plans to reveal in detail all that will be offered at the museum."

Jones died April 26, 2013, at age 81 in Nashville. This museum will commemorate a man who's legend continues to give hope and inspiration to the country music genre.