By now every Koe Wetzel fan knows that he was named after David Allan Coe, right? His parents swapped the "C" with a "K," and the rest is Texas history. Boss move by the way, Julie and Gary Dale, "Coe Wetzel" just doesn't hit as hard.

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This week Koe signed a major record deal landing with music giant, Columbia Records. The deal makes him label mates with Beyonce, AC/DC, John Legend, several more Grammy nominees and winners, but mostly, Blink-182.

I’m going to do this a little at a time, so for all of you Koe Wetzel fans, sit back and enjoy. Loved his version. - Carolyn Anders (who posted the video)

Earlier in the week a Wetzel family friend, Carolyn Anders, shared this lil nugget on Facebook and, so, yeah, we felt obliged to include it on this post today. Pop some popcorn, it's time for some home videos!

Longview balloon people will be super happy to know that young Koe swapped out "damned ol' train" with a "danged ol'" one. Enjoy!


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