In a time when car theft always seems to be on the rise in Dallas, Texas, and across The Lone Star State, please make sure you and your family aren't keeping items in your glove compartments that would give thieves access to even more of your property in Texas.

It's so frustrating, isn't it? The glove compartment offers a little storage cubby in our vehicles to keep things we want on hand but out of sight. And many of us have for years on end. But these days, it's just not always the best idea.

For those who tend to be a bit more on the cluttery side, we may keep things in our glove compartments that, were they to go missing, wouldn't cause that much turmoil in our lives, necessarily. You know, stuff like actual gloves, free lip balms from the business expo, or hand sanitizer gels from 2017.

At the same time, many Texans also store important documents that, while related to our vehicles, contain personal information that thieves can use to steal from us on even larger scales.

It had never even occurred to me that I should worry too much about keeping car registrations in our glove compartments. After all, when we find ourselves pulled over by a police officer, that document is one of the first things they request.

Also, even though I rarely leave my wallet in the car these days, I've certainly left a garage door opener from time to time. But that's not a good idea, either.

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