We know that crime takes place everywhere, including here in Texas. The Gilmer Police Department out of East Texas posted on Facebook about conducting a recent “Dear John” operation that ended with 7 people being arrested. 

Arrested in Texas

The actual police operation took place on Saturday, June 1st, and all individuals were placed under arrest after attempting to engage in prostitution.

The Gilmer Police Department under the same social media post went on to explain that prostitution often goes hand in hand with other crimes such as drug use, distribution, and human trafficking, which is why they take such an active role in trying to shut down any prostitution taking place. 

The Community Appreciates the Work Done to Shut Down Prostitution 

It was great to see so many comments on the social media posts made by the police department that were showing support for the officers and the recent operation that was conducted to shut down the prostitution ring. This is the type of crime that no one wants in their community so to see police taking an active approach to shut it down was great and obviously appreciated by local citizens.  

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All Arrested in Prostitution Ring are Innocent Until Proven Guilty 

Remember in the United States everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so each of these defendants will have a chance to explain themselves and the situation. Lastly, we want to thank the Gilmer Police Department for taking such an active role in reducing crime in East Texas. 

Gilmer Police Department Arrestes
Gilmer Police Department

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