Tomorrow our pal, Dalton Domoin, will be stopping by to RTX and Hang - that is not the best takeoff on Netflix and Chill - but he will be in studio on Radio Texas, LIVE! Today he posted his thoughts on the closing of the Texas Music Chart. And the man with zero filter is once again refreshing.

... Everyone in this industry got involved for the love of the song. Not the business. But somehow we found ourselves wrapped up in who's "killing it" or being treated almost like sports figures with statistics rather than musicians and songwriters with a passion simply for the love of the song.

Find a good promoter that believes in you, that can help get your songs out there. Get involved with your radio stations. Find your audience. Go play your songs. Show people a piece of your heart. Charts are bullshit. Good music prevails...

It's true the chart gives bands something tangible to reference, and it is important. We all know the scene would not be what it is today with out TMC or Texas Regional Radio Report. But it's nice to stop and take a moment to remember what this is all supposed to be about.

Check out Dalton's full post below, then be sure to like his artist page, and follow Dalton on Twitter. His album "1806" is out now, and tomorrow we'll debut his new radio single, "Dallas."

Let me start this out by saying I'm not one of those man bun wearing analog wilco loving dickheads who call my songs "...

Posted by Dalton Domino on Friday, January 29, 2016