Twelve years ago SGT Rollins and the lives of the men in his squad were saved, indirectly, by Josh Ward. While Ward wasn't on the mission with the Marines his music was, and because it was, five men walked away from an horrific ambush in Afghanistan.

Then.......BOOM!!!!! The MRAP went air born for about 45 feet and nose dove back into the ground. (The MRAP weighs 15-18 tons depending on armor) I remember the sound of the explosion and the hard crash back to earth before everything went black. The next thing I hear Jesse Lopez yelling "Sgt Rollins, Sgt Rollins!" I opened my eyes to a dust and smoke filled vehicle. The first ugly face I saw was Wes Walker. My head was pounding, ears ringing and a sharp burning pain in my left leg. After a quick check, all 5 of us were still breathing and alive. The MRAP was twisted and we were unable to open our side doors so we all dismounted the vehicle from the rear door.

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SGT Rollins shared the story on the 12 year anniversary, yesterday, on Facebook, and it's an amazing one. Turns out some dead batteries and a new Josh Ward album was all it took for these men to swap out vehicles; a move that ultimately saved them. Read his entire post below.

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