In May of this year the Dirty River Boys revealed that their drummer, Travis Stearns, would be taking a break from the band.

In a post on their official Facebook page Stearns wrote,"This is one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to say. Due to some issues, I will be taking some time off. Fighting these issues has caused me to lose focus. My band mates are behind me in this decision, and they will continue to perform. I look forward to and WANT to come back healthy and happy soon. The band, my friends, my family, and most of all our fans deserve my very best efforts. During our career as a band the support of you all has kept me going with everything I had to face. Please lend me that support a little while longer. Thank you all, looking forward to coming back to Texas soon."

While we all hope Stearns has found the focus he set off to find, this week The Dirty River Boys announced that his interim replacement has become permanent.

If you've attended a show in recent months you may have noticed a new face on stage occupying the seat behind the drum-kit. Back in the month of June, Chris Hausler assumed the role of percussionist to help us navigate the uncertain road we faced following the departure of Travis Stearns.
After many shows played and countless miles logged on the road, we would like to let you know this will be a permanent change in personnel and that we are excited to welcome Chris to the family as a bona-fide Dirty River Boy. We collectively share the same passion and lifelong commitment to music and look forward to seeing what the future hold in store for us as a band.
Be on the look out, the guys told us when they visited the show in October to expect new music in 2017. Read DRB's full letter to fans here.